Sara’s Rainbow

Sara invites you to continue learning about honey bees in her first chapter book. Sara also learns the value of gratitude and service as she shares the bounty from her garden.

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Sara invites you to share a special lesson about love and consequences that she learns. Meet Sara’s Grama and see how Sara’s breathing practice helps her make good choices.

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Sara invites you to meet her new friends, and learn how her garden of flowers became much more than a source of beauty.

You and your child will love this delightful tale about Sarah’s discovery of all the wonders in her garden. This is a storybook that your child will want to open over and over again!

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Sara’s Deck for Healthy Living

Join Sara in a fun way to learn healthy living. Sara’s Deck for Healthy Living is an interactive way to teach and learn as a family by reading and participating in the prompts together. Each card contains one prompt to introduce a healthy and happy activity.Available NOW for $12!

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What Would Love Do

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Sara’s Flower Garden 

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